rules of procedure

Monitored Navigation- Rules of Procedures


PAPAYABOAT may be obliged to change the program due to circumstances beyond their control: for security reasons, due to weather conditions etc. In such an event, the staff are empowered to take all necessary decisions.

A navigation area will be clearly defined. Anyone who wishes to navigate outside of this zone will no longer be under the responsibility of PAPAYABOAT.

PAPAYABOAT will provide oversight of the participants in wind conditions up to 30 knots. Beyond this wind speed, courses will be stopped and no monitoring will be in place and PAPAYABOAT cannot be held responsible for any accident.

All personal belongings of participants remain under their full responsibility. PAPAYABOAT cannot be held responsible for the damage or the loss of personal belongings.

Physical condition required:
– A minimum age of 14 years old
– The ability to swim a distance of 200 m in the ocean
– Medical certificate for participants over the age 59 years old
– Be insured for civil liability (including the practice of kitesurfing)

Minimum level required: *
– Ability to navigate in both directions
– Ability to kite upwind in both directions
– Ability to relaunch a kite in deep water
– Full knowledge of the security systems (ability to free themselves entirely from material)
– Be able to prove their level

You will be required to respect the following rules: *
– Know and respect the international rules of navigation
– Respect the navigation area defined by your instructor
– Follow the security procedure applicable to all participants (which will be explained on 1st day)

PAPAYA BOAT reserves the right to exclude any person whose behaviour may be considered as endangering the safety or well-being of other participants at any time. No compensation will be due in this case.

I confirm that I am able to swim and that I am medically fit for sports. As a result, I release PAPAYABOAT from any liability in the event of accident occurring to me or caused as a result of my physical or medical incapacity or non-respect of the instructions of the monitor.

* excluding beginner course and internship #1


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