Ponta Leme

From intermediate to expert, the playing field extends along the south-eastern tip in OFFSHORE wind (see monitored navigation)

Left waves in 3 large sections.

A more restricted FLAT part closer to the beach.

The spot is relatively large and is to be shared with the windsurfers (in front of Josh Angulo).

Recommended watering in front of the restaurant / beach COLUMBUS or the residence Leme Bedge.

WARNING HAZARDS (see bottom of page)

Intermediate to Expert
Transfer (0 min)
Left waves
1 to 2m

!! DANGER !!

Spot with deceptive appearances!

1# Launching / returning VERY difficult

Gusty wind due to buildings + stones + beachbrake + waves

As soon as your wing is up, head straight into the water without waiting.

Stay away from the edge in BODYDRAG in order to recover a constant wind at +/- 50m from the beach.

Do not try to reach the spot in one edge (!), You will run out too quickly.

The return is also VERY DIFFICULT: we advise you to go along the coast a maximum with the goal of the beach departure, the gusty wind will make you lose ground and the beach of return is often frequented by families with children not kitesurfers!

2# Strong swell

As soon as one moves away from the shore an impressive swell is formed that can reach several meters.