Ready for your next holidays??

CONGRATS you have chosen the right destination 😉

Warm sand, sport, discovery, breath-taking sunset drinking caïpirinhas…

What about turning your trip into simple SOLIDARITY actions?

NO don’t run away! This is not a BOHO place to enrich an association... there is actually no association.

Behind every dream destination there is a less ‘sexy’ part that a responsible tourist must be aware of. And Cape Verde is also one of these destinations

If you haven’t clicked yet on CLOSE THIS WINDOW IMMEDIATELY and you are reading this, you already are a responsible tourist! Cheers

With a smile on the face and a sense of casualness, such the legend of the Hummingbird... (yes it does exist! As an IMAGE or a VIDEO) we can all contribute to a better world. Here are a few advices and actions you can put into practice during your trip to Cape Verde, and through your life.


Access to clean running and potable water is not given to everyone, far from it. THE problem of an island. There are solutions, but of course it is always a question of money.

Simple maths :

1cu m of water= 10€

Average salary in Cape Verde = 250€/300€ per month

... Simple calculation and people in Cape Verde are suffering from it.

Of course, the local authorities could launch several desalinisation projects boosted by green energy solutions available in Cape Verde (sun and wind all year round!) but everything still has to be done. Finger crossed! We hope that the authorities will turn this young country (41 y-o) into a leading example of responsible tourism over the coming years.

Despite this situation, your hotel, your apartment, your guest-house will offer you all the comfort you are probably used to. You will be able to take 8 showers a day if you like.

Meanwhile, like the Hummingbird, you take actions and make your trip supportive and responsible.


1 shower a day (Oh come on…you are on vacation!)

KITE SURFERS ? Don’t you think your wings can’t wait to be back home to be cleaned with running water????

Except if you have the stomach of a warrior...drinking bottled water is a rule! You can easily find 33cl water bottles for sale (!)... or 3 sips... on an island where recycling is still a concept... then, go for large bottles of 5L or 10,5L.  If needed, fill two plastic bottles of 1.5L that you keep during your trip, it could be your only plastic waste!


Life on an island means a 100% export policy, well close to 100%. So your arrival could turn into a valuable support for everyone here.

For instance :

  • medications available in your drugstore and without prescription (cf.  LIST)
  • workbooks, pens, rulers, school supplies and you will meet the local kids.
  • medications for animals: there are more dogs than inhabitants on the island (!) many initiatives are put in place (sterilisation campaigns); dogs you will meet on the island will make you regret not to bring a couple of dog food boxes with you (cute cat eyes ;-))

A little space in your luggage can change lives here and the smile on the face of the person you will help will be etched in your minds forever.

Feel free to contact me to make your trip a supportive one.

Thanks for them.

Consume on the island

Follow the guide! We have created a list - non exhaustive but tested and approved (!) - restaurants and bars, managed by locals, where clean and fresh products are waiting for you. Far from the wacky reviews you can find on "TripAdvisor" and others, here is a short guide of the island that YOU CAN’T MISS.

Street vendors will not RIP YOU OFF! Or just a bit... Papaya (PAPAYA BOAT !), bananas, coffee, goat cheese, eggs, chicken...etc. are local products !
Of course, bargaining is more than welcomed, it is part of the adventure!

Set up in progress...thanks for your understanding.